The Journey from Online to Offline and back!

The Journey from Online to Offline and back

Namaste to all the radiant souls out there! How have you been? Life has a curious way of guiding us through its twists and turns, teaching us resilience, patience, and the power of connection. Today, I’d like to share some reflections on our collective journey and the incredible realization that, against all odds, we humans rise and shine, embracing the circumstances with faith and determination.

When COVID-19 gripped our world, restricting our movements and interactions, we did not lose hope. Instead, our indomitable spirit found solace and connection in the vast realms of the internet and social media. This was a beacon for the global yoga community, bridging distances and uniting hearts.

The surge in online yoga classes and courses was astounding. From the comfort of our homes, we delved deeper into our spiritual practices. Who would have imagined that one could embrace the essence of yoga by simply looking at a screen?

Last year, after what felt like an eternity of two long years, we finally had the joyous opportunity to reconvene offline. The sheer satisfaction of working with students face-to-face, and feeling the warmth of genuine interactions, was unparalleled. Our rendezvous in Goa was especially memorable. Meeting some of you, whom we’d only previously known through online courses, was nothing short of magical. The virtual world had laid a foundation, but the in-person interactions added a soulful dimension. This intertwining journey of online and offline yoga has given us a wealth of experiences. Both modes come with their own set of benefits and challenges.

Weighing the Online vs. Offline Yoga Experience

The Allure of Online Yoga


I’ve found that with online classes, I can conduct a yoga class anytime and anywhere that suits me. Whether I’m cozying up at home, on a relaxing vacation, or amidst a packed schedule, these virtual classes seamlessly mold around my lifestyle.

Variety: The sheer range available on online platforms never ceases to amaze me. A yoga teacher is abundant with opportunities to plan and conduct a variety of classes related to aspects of yoga, like philosophy discussions, meditation, and advanced workshops. All it takes is a click!


From a financial perspective, I’ve noticed that online classes, especially on major platforms or subscription models, tend to be more economical in the long haul compared to regular studio memberships for teachers and students.

The Comfort of Home:

Personally, there’s a unique charm in enabling the students to be able to practice yoga within their private space. I believe especially for those students just starting out, the idea of being in a familiar environment, free from the gaze of others, can be immensely comforting and encouraging, and no worries about commuting to the studio and back. Thus, it ensures that yoga can fit right into the students’ daily schedule.

Navigating the Challenges of Online Yoga

Lack of Personal Attention:

One of the things I’ve missed the most with online classes is that without us (teachers) being physically present, there’s no one to offer hands-on adjustments or correct any mistakes the students might be making in the postures.

Tech Dependencies:

Relying on technology has its own set of challenges. I’ve experienced my fair share of frustrations, be it due to unstable internet connections or unexpected tech glitches. There have been times when these issues disrupted the flow of my sessions.

Less Interaction:

I also noticed that the uniting and cohesive atmosphere that’s often felt in a physical yoga class is somewhat muted online. It’s been a bit more challenging for me to form those meaningful connections with fellow yoga enthusiasts.

The Perks of In-Person Yoga

Personal Touch:

One of the aspects I truly cherish about teaching in-person classes is immediate feedback. Having instructors present allows them to notice the students’ form and provide hands-on adjustments, ensuring to get the most out of each posture.

Community Feel:

Being physically surrounded by students adds a unique vibe to the session. I often find myself driven by collective energy, a synergy that I’ve found hard to replicate in online settings.

Structured Environment:

Practicing in a dedicated space, like a studio, offers an environment tailored for yoga. With proper mats, a serene ambiance, necessary props, and sometimes even calming scents, I feel it significantly elevates the enthusiasm and quality of the teachings in the class.

Contemplating the Constraints of In-Person Yoga

Less Flexibility:

One of the challenges I’ve faced with in-person classes is being bound to the studio’s set timings. Plus, the commute to and from the studio often consumes a chunk of my time, which can be a bit inconvenient for my schedule as well as for the students.


I’ve noticed that conducting regular classes at a studio, especially in bustling urban areas, often carries a heftier price tag of studio rent and maintenance as compared to my online subscriptions.

Limited Variety:

There have been times when I wished to conduct a wider variety of yoga styles or levels. But depending on the studio’s availability to conduct the sessions concludes to be a very hassling experience and to find dedicated or interested students living in the locale is even more difficult, as compared to the vast array of options I see on online platforms and quality of students are available online joining from different parts of the world.

(Alessia From our Online Classes)
(When she came for in-person practice)

Regardless of the mode, the core remains the same: our shared love for yoga and spiritual growth. Depending on your personal circumstances, the world now gracefully offers opportunities through both online and offline avenues. Both online and offline yoga classes come with their unique sets of advantages and challenges. Online classes offer flexibility and a broad range of options, while offline classes provide a tangible community feel and immediate feedback. Your preference will depend on your lifestyle, goals, and what you value most in your yoga practice.The beauty of yoga lies in its adaptability and universality. Whether it’s the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, the bustling streets of New York, or the serene beaches of Bali, yoga finds a home. It’s not just a series of postures; it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, an experience that transcends borders, cultures, and languages. This universality is precisely what propels our mission further, driving us to explore new horizons.

With a spirit of adventure and a mission to bridge traditions, we’re curating a retreat that promises to be much more than a typical yoga session. Set against a backdrop that’s a harmonious blend of nature and culture in Europe in the month of October.

Participants can expect a journey of discovery. This retreat isn’t just about perfecting asanas; it’s about delving deeper into one’s practice, understanding the philosophies that underpin each posture, each breath, and each meditation. It’s about connecting with fellow practitioners from various corners of the world, sharing experiences, stories, and insights.

As I write this, the gentle waves of Goa beckon us once again. We’re looking forward to meeting familiar faces and welcoming new ones. Together, let’s cherish the myriad ways we can connect and grow, whether it’s through a screen or face-to-face. The essence remains unaltered. Join us in making history, and let’s elevate our collective journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.