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Are you struggling to find time for your yoga practice? Do you feel like your health and well-being are taking a backseat to your hectic schedule? Little World of Yoga is here to help.

We offer personalized online yoga sessions tailored to your unique needs, goals, and schedule. Our experienced yoga teachers will work with you one-on-one to create a practice that fits your lifestyle and helps you stay healthy, active, and balanced.

What Our Yogis Are Saying

Tess Joffroy, Réunion
Tess Joffroy, Réunion

The first thing I noticed about Achuthan is his voice. He has this powerful voice, he knows the exact tones to use to guide you through the class, how to keep a rhythm, when to talk, when to be silent. His voice is like a healing melody. You will remember everything he says because he shares Yoga with patience and passion. He always has this glimmer in his eyes, making him curious about the world, he’s never done learning. His warm presence makes you feel safe and comfortable. He is humble, sensitive and really cares for people.

Emilia - Israel

Achutan is an inspiring yoga teacher with the ability to share the light and knowledge of the practice. His classes have a great balance between pranayama; asanas and meditation. His knowledge of the yoga philosophy is outstanding. Through his teaching I was able to learn so much, not only about the practice but also about myself. Achutan is supporting and guiding you on your journey towards yourself. He creates a safe environment for his students to feel comfortable and free. I can recommend him from all my heart. I am very grateful that I was able to learn from him.

Aleta - Saudi Arabia
Aleta - Saudi Arabia

I will never forget Achuthan. He has this calm, serene, and very reserve presence but when he starts the class, he has an inviting way to capture his audience/students. He clearly explains the yoga philosophy and when he does the asana class like Hatha and vinyasa, each instruction is easy to perceive. His way of teaching caters not only to the advance practitioners but also to the beginners. His adjustments and assistance were done professionally too. Because of Achuthan, he made me feel more connected with myself and the asanas. Thank you again, Achuthan! The universe orchestrated everything so that you will become one of our teachers. Namaste!

Bhakti Mistry, India
Bhakti Mistry, India

Little world of yoga has truly transformed my life in the best way imaginable. Never would I have thought a few months ago that I would be such a huge yoga fanatic.
I am so happy with how things have come to be. It is a gift and a great privilege to be able to experience the practice. You've enhanced my way of life in numerous ways that I need to thank you for. Your guidance helped me see what I wanted more clearly, thank you so much. My vision of myself has changed and I am so happy with how things have come to be.
I feel more alive and more me than ever before. Your guidance helped me see what I wanted more clearly, thank you so much.

Julie Pasian, France
Julie Pasian, France

Achutan is an awesome teacher and person. He is so passionate and always happy to share with us his knowledge. Our classes with him were always peaceful and with good vibes. I really enjoyed all the images and small stories he used to introduce us the spiritual aspect of yoga, I really felt like a child discovering a new world. He helped me a lot in Hatha Yoga to listen and respect my body, and to really feel what yoga changes inside me. Thanks for your patience, your smile and your peace.

Elise, France

I have been practising Yoga with Darshini and Achutan for 9 month. I have made significant progress in my practice. They are very knowledgeable and truly devoted. They are beautiful souls. If you like to start your yoga journey, they are the ones to join. Love and Lights.


Answers to all your questions

While it is technically possible to learn yoga on your own, practicing unguided can increase the risk of injuries and body imbalances. With over 6 years of teaching experience, will guide you through each pose and flow, ensuring safe and effective practice.

Yoga can be learned by anyone with the right mindset, and with our LIVE Personal Yoga Sessions, individuals of any age, gender, or fitness level can learn and practice yoga from the comfort of their own home.

As you build up, you will begin to learn more and more asanas(yoga poses). Learning Yoga is a life-long process however you can become a higher-level practitioner with consistent practice.

Your doubts and reality

MYTH: I am not flexible, I can’t do Yoga online.

Flexibility is not a requirement for practicing yoga online – anyone can do it regardless of their current level of flexibility.

MYTH: You need to be tech-savvy to practice yoga online.

While some basic tech skills can be helpful, you don’t need to be a tech expert to practice yoga online. Our online classes are designed to be user-friendly, we use Zoom Meetings.

MYTH: I would need a trainer’s physical presence to do Yoga.

Online yoga can be just as effective as in-person classes, and in some cases, even more so. We have students practicing with us for more than 2 years Online!

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